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This book will help you develop a progressive, deep and intimate fellowship with God by embracing the Person of Christ. You will discover the importance of a Christ-centered lifestyle of walking daily in intimate fellowship with Him and at the same time gain a tool for making disciples and producing disciple-makers.

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English Workbook

There are three English versions: the Standard Version, which can be completed with two different Leader's Guides (8 or 15 sessions), the 26-session, which must be used with the 26-session Leader's Guide, and the 12-session Sequential, which must be used with the 12-session Leader's Guide. There is no difference at all in the material covered; only in the layout and the amount of time necessary to cover the material.

Non-English books

Spanish and Chinese are in stock. Other languages are subject to back order. Thank you for your patience as we are managing supply chain issues that are beyond our control.

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